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Submitted on
November 18, 2007
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Why does it have to rain so hard
whispering of a past that's scarred
making the earth so deep and cold
making my soul feel damn too cold

Why do your memories echo in my head
bringing tears I never should have shed
Why can't we just forgive and forget
Why do we always have to regret

They say it's better
to be late than never
but I rather not have loved
than want something I'll never have

Trying to find ways to forget
wishing that we never met
But what's good in revisiting
when there is really no forgiving

I feel so damned, so lost, so cold
thinking of words I should have told
I already wrote them, I know you've read
but it felt like writing to someone dead

You're not making life any easier
but just so you know I'm making myself busier
and I'll forget you again after awhile
giving me strength to walk another mile

Life ain't fair and it could never be
Open your eyes and you will see
how this pain is shaping us both
Tell me, is it better to love or better to loathe?

I know this pain will come back someday
leading me wayward, leading me astray
and my heart will finally bleed again
I hope that this pain will really end

Why do we have to love and hate each other
why do we even have to bother
Sorry is such a hard word to say
but I'm telling you this now anyway

Don't know if you'll forgive me or remain adamant still
all I know is that I said what I feel
Why does it have to rain so hard and cold
To teach us that in love, we should be bold
I never knew I could write a decent poem that rhymes until now... Felt like I never wrote it at all, that I just plucked it beneath a dark, crying cloud, waiting to be expressed; as the rain fall from the majestic, weeping sky...
Ok, ok I'll stop before this description becomes TOO poetic.

Anyway, I actually like this poem although I still love two of my earlier poems more, though they are more of the open poetry type...

If you've got the time do take a peek! Thank you very much! :hug:

MY SHEATH - inspired by the Samurai X OVA: Reminiscence
BITTERSWEET IRONY - my "very ironic" poem!
insurrection15 Nov 19, 2007   Traditional Artist
wow! rhymes!

at aw, sino un? kill natin! :stab:
TornElf Nov 20, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok lang patay na!
insurrection15 Nov 20, 2007   Traditional Artist
sayang! makikipatay na rin sana ako!

graaaaaaah! join the fray! :chainsaw:
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